Just got back from Rio.


Sunny summer


I went to Miami for a job this winter and I didn't realized how much I was going to love Miami. Can't wait to go back.

Winter is over

I can't believe winter is over. I'm already missing it. 


New Edition

I just photographed a family in Rio, Gabriel, Bruna and Emanuel, the new edition. It was lovely to photograph them in their home. 


Capoeira Event

I photographed Mestre Cafu's capoeira event last weekend.

Capoeira is a martial arts created in the 16th century by the african slaves in Brazil. It is a mixture of martial arts with some dance and music. The practice of capoeira focus mainly on kicks and flips. Dance and music were used by the slaves to hide the martial arts training from their master. Capoeira is still practiced in Brazil and all over the world.

You can find more information on Mestre Cafu at http://www.armory.com/~cafu/

 Mestre Cafu

 Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Urubu and Instrutor Chipa

 Mestre Cafu

 Mestre Acordeon

Instrutor Chipa and Mestre Cafu

Mestre Cafu



I shot Erena shimoda a couple of days ago. She is a wonderful underwater photographer. Check her out. http://www.erenashimoda.com. We thought that is no better place to show her style than the ocean.


Martine and Tone

I just shot Martine and Tone wedding last weekend. It was a wonderful day with a sweat celebration. 


Takoyaki SF

I've just photographed Lily and her the Takoyaki SF this Saturday at the Asian Heritage street festival. Lily sells delitious takoyaki on the streets of San Francisco. She brought this idea from Japan, Takoyaki are very popular street food there, they are octopus battered balls. Check out her new events at http://www.yelp.com/biz/traveling-takoyaki-san-francisco or at http://twitter.com/#!/TakoyakiSF